Engage Your Audience With Sports Rules Explanations!

About Umpires Media.

The Sports Learning Platform

Umpires Media is focused on becoming the #1 provider of video-based sports rules explanations for every sport, in every language, worldwide.

Fans, players, coaches and media all have the same need – easy access to clear explanations of the rules of the game. To date there is no one source to find this information.

Umpires Media produces and delivers this library of knowledge to the world. Our products are licensed as:

* eLearning programs (Mobile, Web, DVD)
* Broadcast licenses (TV, Radio, VOD)
* Entertainment properties (Games, Kiosks)

Combining our content library with The Sports Learning Platform, our proprietary technology, we deliver a superior viewing experience on any platform or wireless device.

A complete dedication to the highest production standards, culminates in a highly scalable user experience in the sports market space.


We make sports rules fun with a variety of products:



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