Engage Your Audience With Sports Rules Explanations!


The Sports Learning Platform

Umpires Media developed a process for delivering sports rules explanations through entertaining educational products.

Here is our process:

Step 1:
We produce short video demonstrations of each rule for the sport (for example, baseball has almost 500 rules). This required both umpire-level expertise and high-quality video/audio production.

Using our proprietary Content Management System, we process the content to be readily available in various formats:

* Broadcast TV and Radio – licensed to channels
* Rules Explorer apps – for all platforms
* Trivia and other rules – based game apps
* Educational training packages

Step 3:
We produce all of the above in every language for target markets that play the sport around the world.

Step 4:
We repeat steps 1-3 for every sport to deliver the rules of every sport, in every relevant language, worldwide!

To accomplish our mission of bringing sports rules to the world, we are developing a unique technology platform – The Sports Learning Platform.




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