Engage Your Audience With Sports Rules Explanations!

Umpires Media Baseball Rules Testing Platform

Test your team’s knowledge of the rules! A quick Practice Test.


Umpires Media Testing Platform

Improve your team’s performance by improving their knowledge of the rules!

Quickly and easily test your players to identify issues and strengthen your team.


How it works


1. Prepare the practice test

* Create your account
* Upload your team’s logo
* Copy & Paste your team’s emails
* Invite your team to the practice test




2. Taking the test

* Players are emailed a link to the test
* Answer multiple-choice questions
* Each has a video question and answer
* At the end of the test they get a score




3. Test results

* Only you see all test results
* Review scores and analyze



Who is this for?

Team Managers, Coaches, Umpires, Umpire Associations


For Teams


    • 1 Practice Test

    • Up to 30 Players

    • Up to 75 Video Questions

    • Basic Stats

For Leagues


    • 1 Practice Test

    • Up to 20 Teams

    • Up to 30 Players/Team

    • Up to 75 Video Questions

    • Basic Stats

For Associations *


    • 1 Practice Test

    • Up to 200 Members

    • Up to 75 Video Questions

    • Basic Stats

    • * Must be an umpire association

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