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The Opportunity.

The Sports Rules Explanations Market

In our world, characterized by globalization and exponential growth of digital communications, sports are attracting universal interest and participation.

Baseball, once just America’s game, is now played in more than 100 countries with China likely to become the biggest new baseball playing nation of all. Soccer and cricket, once unusual in North America, have taken hold and gained many players and fans as immigration has become more diverse.

What are the rules of these games and how should they be played? Sports umpires, players and fans look for clarification and explanations of rules and approaches and they seek this information in real time, in their language, through their digital devices.

To date, no instant, entertaining, easy nor complete service exists to fulfill these needs. There is not even an easily searchable text-based rule book (almost 500 rules) for baseball.

Welcome to Umpires Media.


Our Rules Explorer Apps will change the world of sports!




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