Broadcasters need sports rules videos

As situations happen in the game and fans argue about the validity of the umpire’s calls, it’s the sports media ‘s news and commentary that everyone is watching.

This is where Umpire Media’s content can shine.

Our sports rule broadcast delivery service includes a license of the content as well as content delivery of high quality HD video rule explanations. Broadcasting clients can quickly find the relevant rule video and bring it into the broadcast stream.

Working with broadcasters we can also use the rules explanation videos along with a sponsor’s host or other elements to create unique branded content that generates revenue for the broadcaster.

In a similar way we can also provide sports rules for the web, radio, news sites and even video games.

Here is a light demonstration of how a sportcaster can easily find a rule and present it on TV.


Umpires Media Broadcast Demo with Gregg Zaun, Baseball Analyst