We create and deliver easy-to-understand sports rules, starting with baseball.

Through several product lines, we provide solutions for fans, players, coaches, umpires, broadcasters, stadiums and industry organizations.

We are perfectly positioned to become the #1 provider for sports rules explanations:

* Our proprietary technology platform

* Sports rules expertise

* Content production expertise


The platform for bringing sports rules explanations to the world!

It includes everything needed to turn textbook rules into a variety of digital media products and deliver them in multiple formats and languages to audiences worldwide. Here is how it works:

1. Content Creation

  • Umpires and production team produce rules explanation videos, audio, images and more
  • The content is processed as a short explanation, full explanation, trivia segment, and more
  • Audio voice-overs and captions are done in Spanish, French and other languages as needed

2. Content Management

  • All content is managed in the platform for easy access
  • It is organized by sport, rule, media, language, discussions, file type, etc.
  • Various widgets enable easy display of set of content in many formats
  • Format Adaptation Tools

3. Content Delivery

  • Using a Content Delivery Network we provide rules to clients
  • HD Video rules for TV broadcasts
  • Audio rules for Radio broadcasts
  • Other formats for online broadcasting

4. Rules Explorers

  • Rule search / browsing interfaces for every sport (making it easy to find rules)
  • Available online, as web widgets for third-party sites and as mobile apps
  • Community: discussion regarding each rule (in text, audio, video, transcripts, etc.)
  • Archiving past situations where the rules were applied and what happened
  • User identify as fan, player, coach, umpire for easy opinion searches
  • Deep social media integration to enhance the experience (tagging, etc.)
  • Admin management tools (moderation, etc.)

5. Trivia Games & Contests

  • Using a Q&A format of each rule to generate trivia contests
  • Launch as website widgets, mobile apps, social apps, and kiosks
  • Used as a game and also as a contest (‘Challenge a Friend’)
  • Trivia contest administration tools (launch, manage, measure)
  • Integration with stadium video boards
  • Integration with sports bar systems

6. Training & Re-Certification

  • Coach re-certification package (training and testing)
  • Umpire re-certification package (training and testing)
  • Integration with sports certification organizations

7. eCommerce

  • Subscriptions (yearly or per use)
  • Advertising and sponsorship sales and delivery
  • Broadcast usage tracking and billing
  • Web / mobile widget usage tracking and billing
  • Re-certification packages for organizations
  • Integration with concession sales
  • Custom ordering tools

8. Marketing Automation

  • Auto-respond when a rule is presented online (re-tweet with a link to the rule)
  • Algorithmic Search Engine Optimization (auto-optimize as rules happen)
  • Automatic customization of presentation per location, game (who vs. who), language, etc.
  • Other custom automation unique to delivering sports rules on time and in context

Umpires Media developed a process for delivering sports rules explanations through entertaining educational products.

Here is our process:

Step 1:
We produce short video demonstrations of each rule for the sport (for example, baseball has almost 500 rules). This required both umpire-level expertise and high-quality video/audio production.

Using our proprietary Content Management System, we process the content to be readily available in various formats:

* Broadcast TV and Radio – licensed to channels
* Rules Explorer apps – for all platforms
* Trivia and other rules – based game apps
* Educational training packages

Step 3:
We produce all of the above in every language for target markets that play the sport around the world.

Step 4:
We repeat steps 1-3 for every sport to deliver the rules of every sport, in every relevant language, worldwide!

To accomplish our mission of bringing sports rules to the world, we are developing a unique technology platform – The Sports Learning Platform.